Season 8 Teaser for Right On Track

In Episode 60 of the podcast, you would have caught a teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Right On Track, featuring some exciting new changes.

For it's entire existence, Right On Track has strictly been a review podcast albeit the odd deviation here and there with a few interviews and features.

But now, we're on the cusp of entering an exciting future.

For those who enjoy the reviews, don't fret, they will still continue and be facilitated by Connor Jonas and Tom Parry with the odd visit here and there from Em Jane Geddes.

A brand new angle for the show is set to launch as well in the form of Loco Nation, a personal audio diary from Tom Denham as he charts across the globe talking about railways and engines in the world of Wilbert Awdry's inspirations like the Talyllyn Railway and the Port of Par.

In extension, Denham will be journeying across Australia's railway journeys old and new.

In Model Train Corner, Lachlan Kyle will be curating a selection of reviews of model railway products from brands such as Hornby, Bachmann and others, conducting interviews with people in the community like Brendenreis10 and Will James or just having fluid conversations with others.

Executive Producer Tom Denham says, "Series 8 of Thomas is a time in the show's history where a lot of changes occur. The golden era has unfortunately passed, but it's not gone forever. This new podcast format will hopefully revitalise the Right On Track view on Thomas and help our younger listeners envelope into the world of real-life railways as well as model trains."

And if you're wondering if there will be any Railway Series or classic content still on the cards beyond the TV episode reviews, we recommend you sit tight...

You can hear the full teaser trailer here:

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