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Tom Denham is a producer and storyteller in the creative audio space.

Having been the brains behind Right On Track, he has worked on other podcasts including Hovering, All The Best, The Breaking Through Podcast as well as his own Tom Denham’s Dream Machine and The Glam Gizmo. 

It was because of a chance meeting on a professional development retreat with SYN Media that Tom and Connor crossed paths and discovered their mutual passion for Thomas the Tank Engine, thus birthing the podcast only a few months later. 

Tom expresses his love for that rascally blue tank engine through creating his own stories for audio, building model railways and jotting away at the odd illustration here or there. 

He is a lover of Thomas in all of its mediums but usually warms to watching Series Three on a lazy Saturday morning. 

In extension from his passion, Tom has also volunteered his time at Puffing Billy for the good part of eight years and enjoys learning more about heritage preservation. 

Away from the world of audio, Tom can be found at a cafe drinking coffee, reading the latest obscure sci-fi novella or wearing colorful attire, often all at the same time.



Connor Jonas is one-half of the two founders of Right On Track that started when he and Tom Denham built a card tower together whilst working at SYN Media. Finding a common interest in media creation and the world of Thomas, they decided to start a podcast together.
Always a part of the review segment, Connor currently holds the record of most appearances in the podcast, having not missed a single episode.
Aside from audio, Connor has a strong interest in acting and theatre which has led him to working with Melbourne Theatre Company and the Day Out With Thomas events at the Puffing Billy Railway.
When not onstage or behind a microphone, Connor can be found researching history, writing theories or creating pixel-art.



For as long as he can remember, Parry has been an avid fan of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. He believes his passion was instilled in him from birth by his father, a librarian and train buff who would read Rev. Wilbert Awdry’s Railway Series stories to his young son every night before bed. Evidence of that passion can still be found in his childhood bedroom, which houses copious amounts of Thomas paraphernalia – books, DVDs, VHS tapes, Hornby sets and more Wooden Railway merchandise than he has room for. And despite growing older and gaining many other interests, his love for the original television series remains strong.

Away from Right on Track, Parry has made numerous contributions to the media sector in audio, print and digital formats. His presence was particularly felt at SYN Media, where he contributed to the radio programmes Art Smitten, Film 101, Get Cereal, The Sports Desk and Player One over three years as a producer and presenter. Other outlets he has contributed to include RPP FM, The AU Review, YO Bendigo, the Bendigo Advertiser and Rating Frames. He is currently working as a journalist with the Gippsland Times.

Additionally, Parry fancies himself as something of a cinephile and very much enjoys writing film reviews, which you can read on Letterboxd and his personal blog, One Large Popcorn, Please!



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