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RIGHT ON TRACK is a seasonal weekly podcast discussing all things Thomas the Tank Engine as well as trains and model railways featuring reviews, documentary showcases, analysis of the books and TV series, interviews and discussions. Each of the five hosts have their specialist area which they provide each week in a radio show flavor in format providing entertainment as well as learning. 

The podcast initially only exclusively looked at the Thomas TV series between Seasons 1 to 7, but now has widened the berth to explore other territory including the world of model railways, real life train journeys and book club discussions of The Railway Series.

The podcast has been crafted is to ensure everybody makes the most of an immersive listening experience, be it the young Thomas fan, the model train collector or the railway enthusiast. 

Great podcast for what is a niche fandom. Lovely to relive my childhood memories and to listen to the thoughts of the presenters on the episodes.
What a great podcast!
I'm loving the methodical approach to delving into each episode, finding out fun facts and developing a deeper appreciation for Thomas the Tank.
I must say this podcast was very fun to listen to. It puts me back to my childhood days watching the show on VHS and learning the history that some people might not know and the quotes from the show.



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